How can I compress a PDF file?

Before uploading a PDF file to AulaWeb (homework, documents, thesis etc.), we recommend that you reduce its size. To do this, you can use Word when creating the PDF file:

  •  Please click on File > Save and Send > Create PDF/XPS document (Word 2007) or on File > Export > Create PDF/XPS document (Word 2010/2016);
  • On Optimize to please select Smallest size (online publication);
  •  Then click Publish.

To reduce the size of an already created PDF file, we recommend using PDFCreator (free released with GPL license). Please follow the instructions below:

  • download and install PDFCreator (we recommend you deselect the trial version of the PDFArchitect add-on software during installation);
  •  start the program, drag the PDF file and drop it on the box;
  • click OK when the message You need to set PDFCreator as preset printer is diplayed;
  •  select High compression on Profile;
  • change the file's name (if you want to keep also the original version of the file);
  • click on Save;
  • the preset printer will be reactivated by the system at the end of the process.

PDFCreator can be also used to create compressed PDF files from Word documents, using the same procedure.